Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the undisputed king of coasters in West Central Florida with world-class coasters: Kumba, Montu, Sheikra, Cheetah Hunt, Scorpion, Cobra’s

Curse and the new kid on the block, Tigris Florida’s tallest launch coaster. Tigris is aweinspiring with its exhilarating array of looping twists with forward and backward motion, breathtaking drops, a 150-foot skyward surge, and an inverted heartline roll, all at speeds greater than 60 miles per hour. Falcon’s Fury is a face-first fall from 335 feet in the air. For younger guests, the park offers two mellower rides, Sand Serpent and Air Grover.

Of course, Busch Gardens Tampa is much more than roller coasters. It’s also one of the country’s premiere zoos.

At the park’s Animal Care Center, guests can observe animal care first-hand and even take part in animal-care experiences ranging from nutrition and treatments to X-rays and surgeries. This state-of-the-art facility is also home to the hit Emmy-nominated TV series, The Wildlife Docs, which takes viewers inside the work of zoological professionals, including Busch Gardens’ own veterinarians and trainers.